I’m in a giving mood again today. So I thought I would put in another excerpt of Intentional Grounding for you all to enjoy. I love a good story and maybe this will get everyone interested in this new romance that I hope to publish soon.

So to the reading …..

Rory leaned forward in his seat as Quinn stepped to the line for the first series of the game. This game was about to kill him and having to sit in the wife/girlfriend section, was even worse. He was the only man and there were some really catty women sitting in the section. God how he hoped he would never turn into one of those. Wait it was impossible for him to turn into a woman, so it was all good.

“So who is your brother?’ the woman next to him as she leaned towards Rory. Her face was over painted and she came packaged from head-to-toe in pink Detroit gear. It looked as though Pepto-Bismol barfed all over her. It almost made Rory sick.

“Oh Jackie, he is Quinn’s boyfriend,” another one of the women said leaning across the seat Rory was sitting in and tapping the pink clad monstrosity on the arm. They really didn’t know about personal space in this section.

“Oh, Oh! Sorry,” the woman called Jackie said and smiled her best fake smile.

“Don’t worry about it,” Rory mumbled leaning back in the seat..

“Hi, I’m Jessica,” the other woman said putting her hand out for Rory to shake. He took it and tried to smile. This made him too nervous. Being so out in the open with his relationship with Quinn was getting easier, but moments like this made it difficult and he wanted to climb into a hole and hide. Rory didn’t want to share his love with anyone and being in a large group of people who had players on the field, wasn’t his idea of keeping things to himself.

“Rory,” he said in response.

“Well Quinn said you were a handsome redhead,” she said and giggled. “He’s got good taste.”

“I’m sorry which one of the players is your …” Rory tapered off because he wasn’t sure if everyone here were wives or these were all the mistresses. The world was getting more difficult with titles and sometimes Rory just didn’t know what to say. In the business world, he knew all the right things to say, but this situation was still strange to him. It would take some time to learn about how the dynamics worked. He was sure he would sit in this area many times before he started to feel comfortable.

“My husband is Lance Rockford,” Jessica said pointing towards the sideline. “He’s the punter.”

“Don’t you be embarrassed by that honey. He plays just as much as the other boys,” Jackie said and smiled, but Jessica’s expression soured. Rory felt the tension between the two women. Maybe this would be really fun.

“You stick with me and I’ll show you the ropes around here,” Jessica said. “It’s kind of a hierarchy. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s the position you significant other plays.”

All the women around Rory erupted in laughter. Evidently he was in good company.

Until next time, read on!



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