You Want To Read?


I’m getting over my depression, slowly, but surely. I think writing again is helping. I don’t really want to give a rat’s ass what people think of my writing, but still in the end I do.

So I’m going to post a short excerpt from Intentional Grounding for my faithful followers to read…..You ready to read?


Quinn pulled the sled for forty yards and then stopped, hooking his fingers under the weight vest he was wearing. This was only the tenth run and Kobe was drilling his ass all the way. He really wanted to strangle the little fitness bastard.

“Maxwell why did you stop?” Kobe called from the other end of the facility where he sat watching everyone else work their asses off. Quinn knew he sat there just to torture those he was ordering around. He was like a Pharaoh watching the slaves build his pyramid.

“Tired,” Quinn said trying to catch his breath. He didn’t realize he was this out of shape. Luckily he would get his weight down and have a good start on conditioning before everyone else. Quinn really hated conditioning.

“You should’ve thought of that before you had seconds,” Kobe said.

“Shut up” Quinn retorted. Kobe was trying to bait him and it was working far too well.


Quinn turned around and dug-in with his feet, pulling the sled to the end line. He would show Kobe, but that was what Kobe wanted him to do. It was so irritating.

“You happy?” Quinn yelled so everyone in the workout area could hear.

“Are you thinner?’

“Shut up you exercise nazi.”

“Bring that attitude down here and I’ll kick your fat ass.”

Quinn unhooked the sled and pulled off the vest, throwing it to the ground. Before he thought better of it, Quinn was running towards Kobe at full speed. He was like a train. If Kobe wanted a fight, Quinn would give it to him. That would help him lose a few pounds of douche that was always following him around.

I’ll show you, the center thought as the closed the distance between them at a high speed.

Then Quinn spied “the suits” coming up behind Kobe and stopped mid-field. Suits always meant management and ownership in Quinn’s experience. They were two groups of people who a football player didn’t want to anger. They could deny a contract for the next year or trade you completely if you didn’t act correctly.

Quinn would have to give Kobe an ass kicking later. It would still feel good.

Resigned to his workout, Quinn turned around and jogged back to the sled. He shouldered the weight vest, putting the sled tie back around his waist. He dug his feet into the turf and pulled the sled back to where Kobe sat. The anger he felt at the trainer fueled his body and maybe that was Kobe’s plan.

“ … he’s the best trainer in the business,” Quinn caught the end of the one of the suits’ sentences. Yeah he’s the best douche bag, Quinn thought to himself as he watched the group and caught his breath again.

“Just supervising the weight loss of the starting center,” Kobe laughed as he shook hands with one of the men.

Quinn’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the newcomers. Something was so familiar about the man with the red hair that everyone was trying to impress with their best behavior. They were a really important person to get that kind of attention. Then it hit him.

How could he mistake that face?

“Fuck, is that you Rory?” Quinn asked loudly and everyone turned to look at him as though they could miss a three hundred pound center standing right next to them. Many of the eyes were disapproving, but Quinn had never been one to really care what other people thought about him. Plus Rory was someone he’d known through some difficult times in his life.

“Maxie?” the man wearing the grey suit asked pushing through all of his entourage and closing the gap between them.

“Mr. Sinclair,” a woman corrected Quinn with a smug look. She was some sort of lawyer, Quinn thought. They always needed precision and correctness.

“You can call him whatever you want miss, but this man spent four years with his hands between my legs,” Quinn laughed. “We are on a first name basis.”


    Rory’s heart dropped into the pit of his stomach when he heard Quinn Maxwell’s familiar voice. It was a voice he thought buried deep in the past. He hoped that it would stay there forever, but fate seemed to have different ideas. Rory forgot Quinn went with the Kings in the draft.

When Rory left college, he left all the baggage and feelings he had for Maxie, and anyone else, there on the campus. Rory spent four years building his life and company. He had little time to indulge in a private life. Relationships were out of the question when he needed that focus for success. Rory didn’t get to where he was by throwing his time away on trying to cultivate meaningful relationships. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had sex and it didn’t bother him all that much. He knew how to take care of himself.

This was an unforeseen distraction in the form of a three hundred pound center and Rory wasn’t prepared for distractions the size of Quinn Maxwell.

Until next time, read on!


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