By Any Other Name


There are certain things I love about writing. I love coming up with a title for my work. Usually I have the title decided before I even put the first words down. It gives me direction and I know what I want to accomplish with the story. The other thing I love is coming up with names for characters. For my last novella that I wrote, I went through the most intensive list of names because I had to come up with an entire offense for a football team. Yeah that was a lot of names.

It was fun though. I loved trying to decide who these characters would be and what their names would mean. There were people like Pier Reefing, Mason Lytle and Zeb Ameris. Plus there were the make character names: Quinn Maxwell and Rory Sinclair. I loved coming up with these names.

Last night I was working on the summary for Sugar Babes, the next installment of the Sagebridge Stories. I like to sit down and write out a summary of where I think the plot is going. It doesn’t have to be a tight outline, but something I can go back to and think “ah ha, that was where I was going with that.”As I was trying to think of the main hero/heartthrob’s name, I came up blank.

Oh my, I’d heard about this from other people. So I began to hit up all the baby naming sites I could think of and slogged through the internet. I was searching for a sexy name. I know, that’s crazy, but we romance novels want our men to be sexy. LOL

Finally after hours for searching,  I decided to go to bed. I would have to find that name later.

This morning I woke up with a name in mind. I think it’s sexy, but we’ll see when I start writing.

So until next time, find sexy names.




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