Where is Cap?


Where is Captain America when the United States could really use him? I know he’s a fictional character, but is there no one who will stand up for what is right anymore the way Captain America always seems to?

I’ve spent the past few months being silent about the terrible direction the United States is heading, but I’ve had enough. It is time for the people of this nation to stand up and get rid of the idiots that continued to think they should be running the country. Making politics your job is something that was never even thought of by the founding fathers and they would be sick what their document has deteriorated into.

Maybe I wouldn’t fear it so much if I hadn’t spent my entire college career studying World War II. The United States is poised to repeat the mistakes of Germany. We stand here listening to someone promise us all the things that he thinks we want and most people are blindly following those promises. It’s very familiar. Hitler promised the Germany people that they would never be poor and they would be great again, but he never told them that their greatness would come at the expense of six million Jews.

What do you think the politicians are hiding from us now? Will it be women, Muslims, Christians, Latin Americans? What or who will be the scapegoat to blame all of the U.S.’s woes upon?

My worry continues to be for the minority people of the United States and for women. Yes, I’m a woman, but I wouldn’t say I was a feminist. If certain people are elected, there will come a time when rights are being stripped from those who are here as immigrants. Those who are searching for a better way of life when their own country is dying around them. Women will be forced into second class citizenship as reproductive rights will slip back to the 50s when women were just to be seen and never really heard.

I fear for my daughter. What world will she live in where she is told what she can and can’t do with her body? What types of things will she be forced to endure in the name of whatever dictator hold the reigns of the land?

Where is Captain America now? Where is the one group of people who will put all of the politics away and stand up for America? I’m not talking about a political party or following one group or another, but there have to be people who will fight for the tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

If we do not stand up for America and the freedom that it has always represented, then I guess I will see you in the line registering with the government about what religion, race and sex I am.

Until next time, question authority.


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