It’s Away!


So this morning, I sent my submission for Before Deadline, A Sagebridge Story in to Luminosity Publishing. They are the current publisher of The Seer Trilogy, so I wanted to give them first dibs on this short story. When I hit send, I felt like I was launching a torpedo into the Death Star.

It’s set in a small town, Sagebridge, and it is one of many stories I plan to tell from the town. Things will intermingle, but each will be it’s own story.

I’m proud of myself. Now I only have five more short stories or novellas to complete for the year and look at that, it’s only January.

Currently I’m writing a football romance novella called Grounding, A Gridiron Gossip Story. I’m already about four chapters into it, so I think I have a pretty great start. This will be followed up by First and Ten, A Gridiron Gossip Story which I’m in the prelims of creating. I have the characters named and the premise started, but I’m holding off until I get finished with Grounding. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this one and I hope that I can do it justice.

Until next time, It’s Away!


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