Clutter, Clutter, Clutter


I’m going to be really honest. I’m going to be Alcoholics Anonymous honest on this one. I have a terrible time with clutter. I am the worst at keeping the stuff in my life at bay. I’ve always been this way, but this year, I made a conscious decision to change that part of my life. I’m not going to hold onto to things and I’m going to get rid of almost 3/4 of the items in my home. With the inspiration of my sister-in-law who really has changed her whole life before of this.

Why (you may be asking)?

I want a simpler life. A life that doesn’t have all the headache of trying to find things in the morning when the kids are getting ready for school and we are scrambling to get out the door on time. A life that lets me breathe a little easier when I look around at the things I do have and to really enjoy our home, which seems to be packed too full for any of us to exist at the same time.

Knick-Knacks Be Damned

I come from a family that is crazy about all the little statues and pictures that they can shove into a house. You know what that amounts to? A lot of dusting that I don’t have time for and I don’t want to do. Why? Because I would rather be writing or playing with my kids and really experiencing life as a family.

I’ve made one pass through my house already and gotten rid of all the little things that I didn’t want to keep anymore. Are there more that need to go? Yes, but I have to do it in stages. The first run through got rid of almost seven bags of things that were sitting around.


So the next passes I will be going through and just leaving maybe one or two things on the wall or in a room. This will cut the things that are sitting around by almost half. I’m pretty excited about just getting rid of the things. (This does include cabinets and shelves that also housed all these items. So less furniture – woo hoo!)

Why So Many Clothes?

I have come to the conclusion that there are maybe six outfits that I wear for my real job during the week. Six outfits. Why do I have so many clothes that I can’t get into my closet? There are things in there I haven’t worn in years. It’s a problem.

So I am also busily working on clearing all the clothes out of my closet. I will keep the work clothes, that mostly consist of mix and match black pants and shirts of different colors. There might be a couple of sweaters in there too, but that is all I’m keeping.

I will also keep a couple pairs of pajama pants and maybe a nightgown or two. We have a washer, why would I need all the things I have stuffed into every corner of my bedroom?

It’s not just me either. My husband and children have more clothes than they need and so many clothes they have outgrown and I’ve just never taken to the donations center.

This is will end now.

What Can Less Clutter Do?

I feel with less clutter in my physical life, my writing will feel less cluttered as well. Who really wants to sit in an office that has too much junk piled everywhere and write anything. It’s far too difficult to concentrate.

So in my constant need to write more and sell more books, I’m taking decluttering as a challenge that will help me to make my writing better. Fewer distractions and more free time will make things run a little more smoothly, I believe.

Until next time, declutter something!



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