Goodbye Old Friends

UGH! What a beginning to 2016. I just have to say that we need a protective circle around aging musicians right now. They seem to be going pretty quickly and it seems to be out of the blue.

So today just going to share some favorite tracks from the recently passed on. It must be one hell of a jam session in heaven right now. That is a concert that has to be rocking.

I’m not a huge Eagles fan, but this is one of my favs. I sang this with a band a couple of times and I really dig the way it sounds.

Love, love, love David Bowie. I went through a whole Bowie phase in college.This has to be my favorite song, all though there are too many to chose from.

Nothing compares to Ziggy Stardust! OMG! I love this song.

Until next time, put on some Bowie and some Eagles.



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