The P Word


I want to talk about something that isn’t a fun topic. PROMOTION. UGH! Just the thought makes my insides turn all around.

Promote, promote, promote.

It is hard to be an author for a small publishing company. You are basically your own PR person. I’m sure this is true for all writers though. Basically you are trying to sell yourself. That can be difficult at times. Sometimes you just don’t know what to tell people or where to even look.

The internet is a vast and wonderful thing, but it can also be a black abyss that sucks you into it and never lets you see the light of day. That is where I’m at right now.

Our Hearts – The Seer Trilogy, Book One has been out for almost four months and I’ve seen the sales numbers slide this past month. I’ve been busy trying to encourage people to read the book, spending almost an hour just promoting it on Facebook groups. This has done little to boost the sales.

It’s discouraging.

I don’t want to act like having a book and being a published author is terrible. It’s not. It is like a dream that I still find myself inside of and I can’t believe it’s me. That is not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that things are difficult when it comes to promotion and knowing just what to do.

So that is where I’m at right now. I’m busy promoting away and trying to make sure that people have my book in front of them.

Until next time, promote away!



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