Hey 2016!


Well 2015 has been there and we’ve done that, so now onto another year!

At the end of 2015, I asked myself if I accomplished the things I set out to do in 2015. I did, mostly.

I am so amazed that I was given a chance to publish a story that was close to my heart. Our Hearts – The Seer Trilogy, Book One was an amazing journey learning all about the things I could stretch to do. When I started out 2015, I never thought I would have a book published in the same year. I also didn’t know that I would write two more novellas in that series to round it out. I was working on Forbidden: Amira’s Journey and knew the book needed a lot of work.

So where is Forbidden?

Well it’s still there, waiting for me to finish it. As I learn more and more about writing and what it entails, I know that Forbidden is a huge undertaking. I know there are things in there that can be cut and reworked. It will be an amazing novel when it is complete. I will be revisiting it this year, along with the six novellas I have planned.

Amira is someone I really want to get out for the public to meet. I know they will love her as much I as I do. So that is the first goal of 2016. I’m going to sit down and take a serious look at Forbidden: Amira’s Journey and get advice from many of the new writing friends I have made over the past year. This really isn’t a writing competition, it is more of a group effort to make things into beautiful escapes for the reader.

Next on my list are the six novellas I plan to complete in 2016. I am going to write six novellas in 2016, doubling my production from 2015. Currently I’m rewriting the first of these novellas entitled Before Deadlines – A Sagebridge Story. It’s a fun story about a small town reporter who falls in the love with the wrong man. I can’t wait to submit it to publishers. I think everyone will enjoy it.

I will be writing another installment in the Sagebridge Story group about a bakery owner and her deep dark secret. I haven’t really written anything on that one yet, but it’s in the works, with a summary to start off.

In other novella news, I will be writing several novellas in the Gridiron Gossip series. It puts together two loves in my life, football and romance. I’ve been so inspired by several of the football romances I’ve read over the past year and I want to bring some of my own ideas to the table. Currently I have two of these in the beginning writing stage, which for me is making a summary and folder in my Google drive, but still it’s a step.

Finally I will be writing several dystopian novellas which I’ve gotten some great ideas for over the past few months. They are tentatively titled: The Float, Aberration and Waiting List. I believe these will all be set in the same time period in different parts of the country or world. I’m still working that out right now.

My final goal in 2016 is to declutter my life. Not only will I be participating in removing one trash bag of clutter from my house each week, but I will be decluttering my life in general. I will be saying goodbye to things that I’ve hung onto for far too long. I will love those who are important to me and remove those that aren’t important at all. I’m working towards not letting people damage my calm. This is something I’ve been working on for some time, but I know now that I have to stop chasing things and get them done. I also have to stay away from social media because I think it might be the dynamite that will make me explode.

So here is to a great 2016. I hope you all have closed book on 2015 and are ready to face new and exciting adventures in 2016.

Until next time, get busy with your life.


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