Not Typical


I am never typical. I can’t help it, I’m always different. After watching a Dr. Phil show last week, I figured out that in family and friend dynamics, I’m classified as the rebel. (Wow thanks for telling me that I already knew it.) It’s something I chose to embrace with both arms!

So when the holidays come around, I’m not one to jump on the super cheerful, everything is great, can’t wait for Christmas train. In fact, I despise Christmas. Actually I start despising things when Thanksgiving comes around and I’m not happy again until spring. Yeah it’s a real joy to live with me (just ask my husband of almost 20 years).

My problem with Christmas is the pressure. It’s the pressure to buy the perfect gift, to get your kids what they have been asking for, to attend every single function with a smile on your face. It’s not possible. It is not something we should be asking people to do. No wonder people are so depressed around Christmas.

For one, I’m not a cheery person in the first place. I see people for what they are and sometimes that makes you a little jaded. OK, it makes you a lot jaded, but no one is keeping track (except maybe Jesus). Also I don’t like to give gifts. I hate surprises and I would rather buy you something and give it to you right then. It’s easier and it’s instance gratification for the giver and the receiver. Plus I don’t have to hide what I bought. If I love you, you will continue to be showered with gifts and good deeds throughout the year. Why do we need this special time to make that happen. The world would be a better place if we all did nice things all year long and remembered those less fortunate all the time. Nope, we have to reserve the end of the year for that excitement.

I’m not big on socializing either. I don’t want to party (unless there is lots of booze) and being with all those people and pretending that you like them, gets on my nerves. It’s probably the writer in me. If I want to talk to someone, I’ll talk to the people who are in my head or I’ll make specific arrangements to call the person I want to talk to, not find them at a social event.

I know I’m a joy during this time of year (insert sarcasm here). Do I like to rain on other people’s parades? Yeah, I just might and that might be my gift during the holidays.

I have tried to be happy during the holidays, but it really just turns out to be forced and people can see right through that at the end of the day. So I’m OK with being surely (like one of the bad seven dwarfs) and people have come to expect that from me. Who am I to disappoint?

Until next time, don’t be typical.


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