Until Next Time


This is a picture of my aunt and uncle. They were so happy to meet my daughter at a family wedding. Believe me, they are baby hogs. They want to hold them all and when you are a new parent, you are thankful for that moment of peace. OK maybe when you aren’t a new parent. LOL

Today, we have to say goodbye to my aunt until we meet again.

I have such fond memories of going to her house when I was a child. Yes, as we get older, these times are fewer and further between, but we always felt welcome and like we were just another one of her kids when we were with her. Also, when we were kids, she would let us get away with a little more than our parents would, making her the aunt that was “cool” if that is what you can say when you are a teenager.

The memory that sticks out the most to me is that she took me to the movies to see my very first R-rated movie. It was Robocop. Why that sticks with me, I don’t know. I just remember sitting in the theater with her and watching a movie that I knew my parents wouldn’t let me go see at that age. I still think about it when I see that 1980s movie classic on the TV.

I will miss her beautiful singing voice.

She was a giver, giving back to her community without thought. She served in the community whether it was government of through charity organizations, staying active in her church right up until the end.

Mostly I will miss her smile and laugh.

Until next time …


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