You Never Think


In all my dreams of being a writer, I never, ever, thought I would find my nitch in romance.


I’m not your typical girl, in fact many find  I think more like a man than most females. I grew up in a house comprised almost completely of males, so I get them. I understand the way they think. It’s much easier than the way women think. Women are too complicated, if you ask me.

I never fell to the trappings of being a girl. Okay, I like nail polish, but that is about as far as it goes. I read comics, play video games, know more about Star Wars than most people and never wear make-up. Fashion trends? You got me, I wear black pants and shirts because they go with everything.

So when I submitted a romance novella that I was toying with for several years, I never in my life thought it would be the place I would find myself writing away. I have read romance novels, but never thought it would be the place I would call home.

I’m thankful though because this has really opened up a new life for me. It’s given me hope that if someone like me can get published, then others can follow and make their dreams come true.

So what is my message for today? Keep writing. Somewhere there is someone who is dying to read your story, even if you don’t think that person exists. They are there, somewhere, waiting to hear the words that you put together.

It happened to me.

Until next time, write on!


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