I’m Just Bragging


I’m the proud mother of three children. All of them are amazing to me and I have a different relationship with each of them, but right now my oldest is a teenager and I love teenagers. I just think they are amazing. Finally, after years of telling them not to pick their noses, play in the toilet or run out into the street, you get to see that hard work paying off. You get a glimpse into the kind of person they will be when they are older.

Last night was an amazing night for my oldest. He has played football for 10 years. He has been on the high school JV and V team for two years. This year he was absolutely a completely different player. He had a fire that many kids get when they find their spot and know they are needed. The fire was evident to everyone who looked at him. He spent the whole winter lifting weights and the summer lifting weights and working out during summer workout. He was committed. He strove to be better, to do better and to come out on top.

Well he did. Last night he received the Most Improved award for football. That is something. That shows that his hard work is being recognized. He has always been the kind of kid that is very quiet, but he wants to be rewarded when he does something above and beyond. He is always helpful and polite, which sometimes, due to his size, doesn’t seem to match the outside.

Yes, I’m proud of all my children, but when you see one rewarded for all the things he has sacrificed over the past couple of years, it makes you feel even more proud. I know that he will continue his football career because he knows how the fire is all consuming (kind of like the fire to write) and he needs to feed it.

Until next time, tell someone how proud you are of them.


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