Back to the Beginning


As November has descended on me, I’m working away on my NaNoWriMo project, but still, in the back of mind, is the project that started it all – Forbidden: Amira’s Journey.

I revisited that manuscript the other day. I pulled it out of the drawer and started looking at the novel I put together. There are some great things in that novel. And being away from it for almost a year, I see where I want it to go and what I need to do. It’s very fresh and different than the other things I’ve written. With the experience I’ve gained over the past year, I think I could make it into something really tight and great.

Reading the story again, I can see where I was coming from and what I really wanted to say about the world. Being that it is geared to a teen audience, there was the whole “let’s fight authority” thing. I’ve always wanted to fight authority. I don’t want to walk your path, I’ll make my own. I guess I’m still that way.

Maybe it’s the artist in me that always wants to do something different and not lay down and fall for the regular everyday. I want to step into a place where I’m scared and see what it makes me think about the world. Probably why I’ve always been attracted to dystopia and sci-fi. They give you that chance.

So right now I’m working on First and Ten which will be part of a new series called Gridiron Gossip (because I love football), but in the back of my mind, I’m formulating a plan for Forbidden. I think when I get it rearranged, it will be amazing.

It’s going to happen because I have to be a rebel.

Until next time, cross a line.


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