It’s been several days since I wrote on the blog I promised myself to keep up. I think I’ve done rather well on my New Year’s resolution, even if I’m getting pretty lame here at the end. I’m resolving myself to write more often in the next week. I have to kick this blog into gear!

This week I’ve spent several days at different venues and I’ve been listening a little more intensely to the conversations around me. Yes, I’m eavesdropping, but not to find out who is sleeping with who or what the latest dish is on someone who lives across the street. I’m listening to really get a feel for how people talk to each other when they know each other well.

There is a difference between the kind of communication we have with people who we kind of know and the people we really know. I like to think of it as shorthand. These people know the life experiences we bring with us. They remember that time you fell face first into the bleachers at the Def Leppard concert. There is no need to go back and remind them of those moments shared. That is why we talk to our friends in a very fluid and sometimes cryptic way. They get it. They know that joke.

I’ve been listening to those around me to see how the interact with each other. What it sounds like when someone joins the conversation who one of the party doesn’t know as well as the others. What does that sound like? What does that feel like?

I’m always honing my storytelling skills and I want to make sure I convey the right kind of relationship between people through their dialogue. It will help to immerse readers even further into the world I created for them to play inside.

Until next time, listen.


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