Go Big or Go Home


In less than 24 hours, I will be a published author. A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Still very strange coming out of my mouth, but hopefully a step in the right direction towards a career I’ve often dreamed about having. This is what I was meant to do and it only took 40 years to figure that out, but still I figured it out (Yes, with the pushing and prodding of my husband, but we don’t want that to go to his head, do we?).

Tomorrow, my novella, Our Hearts will be released for the whole world to read. What do I expect? I don’t know. I’m trying not to get too wrapped up in what this all means. I just hope the people who read it enjoy the story I’ve told. It’s my baby and it’s out in the world and I hope it does well. The same thing I wish for all my babies (whether they are stories or children). I just want people to have the same moments with this novella that I’ve had with other books. I want to share the joy of reading something good.


I’m thrilled that Owen and Viera will finally get to tell the beginning of their story to a larger group of people, not just the few I’ve let read through it in the past. This will be their first day in the public spotlight and I hope they enjoy it.

If you have some interest in buying a copy of Our Hearts to see what I’ve been babbling on about for about a year, then here are some handy links you will want to follow!

Our Hearts on Amazon

Our Hearts on Kobo

Our Hearts on All Romance

Our Hearts on Luminosity Publishing

Tomorrow is release day and that could mean some give aways!

Visit me on my Facebook page at LJ Fleming


Join my release day event at Our Hearts Release Day Event

Thanks for being such great friends! I love when people can take just a little inspiration from something I’ve written about my day or my process!

Until next time, smile on!


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