FYI It’s Upside Down


Yes, the excitement still grows as Our Hearts gets ready for publication, but I’ve had to adjust to some twists and turns this week. For one, my husband changed shifts and that is proving a little more difficult than I hoped it would be in the beginning. I know we will all get used to it, but right now I feel like my life is upside down.

I run the house like a well oiled machine, noting what time everyone has to be up in the morning and the exact time they have to get their clothes on, so that we can make it to the school for bus pick up to the high school. Also I factor in what time I have to get to work and how dropping everyone off will affect this.

This week has been hard with the shift change everything has turned upside down and I’m not getting the kids out the door quickly enough. On top of that put a two nights a week commitment to football games and you have something that spells disaster.

I’m just clinging to the idea that today is Tuesday and soon it will be Friday.

On the writing spectrum, I have yet to pick up the pen and write a word this week, but that has to change tonight. I’m about three chapters away from completing my final novella in The Seer Trilogy. It’s been a strange ride because this book is a different, but it’s not something I can control. These characters tell me what I want and I oblige. They always win or maybe they just scream the loudest, I’m not sure.

Until next time, find the right side up again.


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