What I Did For Love


I always knew my parents did everything they could for me as a child. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own, that I realized to what extent you go for your kids.

Here’s an example:

Last night, I got everyone settled where they were going to be for the evening and headed out to watch my son’s JV football team play. The sky had been threatening for several hours before, but the rain held off. It held off until I got to the football field with my husband and then the rain (like from the movie Forest Gump) started to pour from the sky. You know that kind of rain that is not huge drops, but it’s intense? Well that was the kind of rain. Being that this is Indiana and this is football, there was no calling it off. No lightning was in the sky and therefore the game could go on. At our house, we call it football weather and it was perfect.

Sitting, huddled next to my husband, under an umbrella, I realized that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for this kid who was now out in the middle of the rain storm hitting other people as hard as he could. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for any of my kids. My middle child has made me into one of the most sought after dungeon masters in D&D because he loves to play it and I had to learn how to create those adventures for him. He has also made me into a video game expert, although he laughs at me constantly when I can’t remember which button to push to shoot or honk my horn when I’m turning a sharp corner. My youngest has made me into an expert on all things Hello Kitty, pink and girly. (Yeah, I needed help there because I’m not much of a girl).

It only took that one moment, sitting in the pouring rain, to realize just how much we give up for our kids and what we do to make them feel as though they are important in our lives. I would never have thought twice about sitting in the rain and watching my oldest play football. It’s what parents do and it’s how we show our love.

The rewards are great when you realize the kind of child you are raising and that they are good hearted. I’ve noticed that so much with my boys. Yes, they are rough and tumble, but they are also emotional beings who needed a guiding hand and a nurturing love that only a mother could give them. They are growing into extraordinary gentlemen. I hope I have shown them just how you should treat a young lady, girlfriend and wife in the correct way.

Although they will never realize the sacrifices we make for them along the way, I hope they are better people for all the love that I’ve spent my waking hours pouring into them. I hope they realize just how much they mean to me, even if I don’t get the hugs from the oldest one like I used to or the kisses from the middle one when I want them.

I hope I have succeeded.

Until next time, hug your mom or dad, they need it.


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