Romance Writer M.I.A.


I have been so M.I.A. for the past few weeks. I’ve been lost in my own world, dealing with back to school, a dwindling bank account and football season. I guess I’ve be wallowing in my own self pity some too. That changed recently though.

I finally received my first round of edits for my first romance novella Our Hearts. At first I was afraid to open the email, fearing the terribly written prose would need a major overhaul. It’s a fear, I’m sure many of us have had, but it was new to me. I’ve never been through this process before and here I was, just a click away from fate and finding out if I really am the writer I claim to be.

Finally I got up all the nerve I could and clicked. To my surprise, the editor was very helpful, giving suggestions of how to make things better and how to rearrange my words to make them seem professional. Yes, professional was what I was going for, but sometimes polish is required and her extra set of eyes were just what I needed to reassure me. I happily worked through the manuscript, changing words here and there, taking care of sentences that needed my special attention and trying to enjoy reading the story again. (It’s been awhile since I actually looked at it.)

Then, I got to the sex part of the story. Yes, there is only one sex scene and I kind of glossed over it when I submitted the novella. I wanted this book to be enjoyed by a diverse group and not someone just reading for the sex. So my words were vague and I thought it was good enough in an innocent kind of way. Think again! The editor was adamant that I add to this scene. She also calmed my fears by saying it didn’t have to be explicit, but a little more drawn out because of the build-up I created with these two characters. When it was explained like that, I obliged. It’s not detailed, but it gives the reader more of idea of how this act consummates a relationship that was destine by the stars. (Wow, I should use that line in my novella.)

So if I continue to be M.I.A., have hope, because I’m busy finishing the third novella in this series, Fractured Hearts, and also I will be doing edits for the second novella, Revealed, in the near future.

This is such an exciting time and I’m having a blast.

So until next time, read!


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