First Draft Woes


The past few days have been a struggle. A big struggle against the inner voice that keeps telling me that it doesn’t want to write. It wants to take a break. It wants to watch mindless TV shows about alien conspiracies. So guess who has been winning?

Yep, the inner voice has taken me off the beaten path and down a weird trail of alien conspiracies and Ken Burns’ The Civil War. (What? Really?)

Okay, I feel like I should explain the Civil War thing. LOL It just sounds like something no one would select to watch on their Netflix cue. I have a bachelor’s in history. So I absolutely love history. I don’t particularly like the Civil War though and I remember having to watch this PBS offering when I took the class on the Civil War. Maybe it’s the memories it brings back of a freer time, but I’m not sure. Maybe I just wanted to know more about why people would threaten to kill each other over something that could be solved so easily. I think I really just want to disengage my brain after a long day at work where I have spent countless hours writing and rewriting stories to go to press.

So I made myself write some on my third installment of The Seer Trilogy, but I went back and looked at it and DAMN it sucks! I know, I know … it’s the first draft and it can all be fixed, but I thought with more experience things would go a little better. I guess not. So I’m struggling through today and trying to write even more, even though I’m afraid it will still suck. I guess I have to not be afraid to put one word after the other and get to those two glorious words “the end.”

Until next time, write!


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