Smell That?


I’m at that point in the year where I am excited. In two weeks, we will be hitting the gridiron again and it will be amazing. I love football and I love that my son loves it so much. He has dedicated 10 years of his life to playing this game and as a family, we have been dedicated to the sport since he was in first grade. Whether it was my husband coaching youth league or me helping to make sure everyone had something to eat before they went on the field. We have poured our lives into this sport.

It’s been really fun this year to see the dedication he has poured into working out on the off season. He really sees the benefits of what a little hard work can do for him. He’s grown taller and stronger, giving him the confidence to go against the big boys that he looked up to when he was in elementary school.

Dedication is important. I’ve learned a lot from him about still going, even when you hurt. He has played when he has been sick and he’s played when his wrist, which he broke in 8th grade, aches from hitting against another team mates pads during practice. He is motivated and he sees the rewards that lay just on the other side of that motivation.

He also sees that if he works hard, maybe, just maybe, he will be able to continue his education and his football career. It’s a long shot because he goes to a very small high school, but there is still a chance he will get some help paying for his college degree and that would be nice. He wouldn’t be burdened with as much debt as we are because of our education. I want that for him.

Some people think that when the boys are first graders they shouldn’t be hitting each other, but I think that’s wrong. You build a strong base of fundamentals and you show them right and wrong. This helps them practice that technique over the years and makes them appreciate what the sport does to their body.

It’s not an easy sport and the bruises on my son’s arms attest to that, but it’s something he wants to do and it’s something he does well. I support him 100% and can’t wait to see what this year brings for him.

Until next time, hug a boy of fall.


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