I Might Be a Ring Master


So welcome to the circus that has become by life. I know it’s really not all that bad, but it’s a circus, nonetheless! This past week I’ve been busy taking pictures of every possible animal and child showing that animal a the local 4-H fair. It sometimes takes two trips a day to the fairgrounds to get this accomplished, but it gets done because my job dictates it gets done. On top of that I’m trying to keep up with my writing, which is sketchy at best, and all the other things I have to accomplish at work every single day.

WHEW! I’m ready for a nap or a good glass of wine, or both. Yeah, maybe both.

Right now I’m concentrating on finishing The Seer Trilogy and I’m finding that the third installment is not coming as easily, or as quickly, as the other two did. That is frustrating, to say the least. I believe it’s because I’ve taken the two main characters and I’m using them as background characters for my new leading lady and man. In some ways, it takes away the familiarity of those two characters I’ve lived with so long, but it also makes for a new and exciting chapter in this trilogy.

So hopefully life starts to calm down as the school year is set to begin very quickly. I will have a sophomore and seventh grade student and a little preschool person as well. It’s an exciting time in our household.

Until next time, juggle!


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