I Earned It


Okay, so I’m not REALLY going on vacation. There are things you can’t do when you are basically the only person who does your job, taking days off is one of those. I haven’t really had a full-blown vacation in almost four years. That being said, I’m actually taking one day off this week. Yep, just hanging. They can spare me for one day. I would say that I was doing laundry, but the part for the washer hasn’t come yet and I haven’t gotten in there to fix it.

The vacation I’m really talking about, besides the one day, is from writing for a couple of days. I’m worn out and my mind is filled with all kinds of ideas, but since I just submitted my second novella yesterday and I haven’t even gotten my first round of edits on the first one, Our Hearts (coming soon to a digital outlet near you), I kind of need a mental break. I write all the time for work and sometimes, when my mind is to the breaking point, the words are bad and not even worth having put on paper.

I know, I know, you are supposed to write everyday. I didn’t say I wasn’t writing at all. There are still journals that I keep for myself and for my kids to have after I’m gone. I’m making sure to write something, maybe even a short poem, in them, but I’m not working on Before Deadlines, my first novella in the Sagebridge series, until my mind can clear a little more. I need to part the fog and finish up some assignments before I get there.

So here is to my mental vacation, of sorts. I hope you all are enjoying some sort of vacation, whether it’s putting your toes in the sand or sleeping in on a Monday morning. I know I will enjoy having a weekend that doesn’t require me to work for six hours on Sunday, which hasn’t happened in almost seven years.

Until next time, snuggle up with a good book and sleep in!


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