Take this Sh!t and Go Away


Have you ever gotten to a patch where you think every single bad thing in the entire world is heading your way? I’m not saying life altering, but bad luck with vehicles, appliances, your body? Here is my story….

The other day my husband stopped by my office and parked outside. When he pulled up, I thought I smelled gas and asked him if he spilled it on himself at the gas station. After some investigation, we found out that his car was leaking gas. That is bad because it could explode.

We had the car towed to the service place, costing us a pretty penny, and they fixed it. We picked it up on the following Saturday. That was all good.

On Sunday, I got up and got ready for work. I hit the gas station on the way for a large drink. When I got back in my car, it was dead and wouldn’t turn over. Then I tried to call my husband and his phone was off. I had to be rescued by my brother who was in town helping my mom with the flood in her basement.

The car had to be towed and is now sitting at the mechanic’s, but they haven’t called to give me an estimate or anything. It’s terrible waiting to find out how many hundreds of dollars you are going to owe someone for their work. It really has been dragging me down this week.

Then on Sunday, yep the same Sunday,  I found out that the washer is broken. We are a family of five with two boys. I can’t go without a washer. I have been watching videos online and I think I can fix it, but I have to get the part through the mail and until then, my poor husband has to go to the laundrymat.

Finally, last night when I was going to cover a meeting for next week’s paper, I was getting in my car and ripped the toenail off one of my toes. I’ve done this before and it hurts like the blazing sun scorching your skin. I was gushing blood and had to limp into a convenience store and purchase a highly overpriced box of bandaids to patch myself up. Now I have a limp and I’m mad.

So when I say this has been a bad luck week, it’s true, but there are worse things. I just feel like all these things are happening far too closely together for my taste.

Until next time, find a four leaf clover!


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