Thank you Freddie Mercury – “Under Pressure”


Why does the song Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen keep running through my mind? Oh yeah, I’m feeling it right now. Here is the problem I’m having. Will the second novella live up to the first one? Have I gone off the deep end completely and started something I will never be able to finish?

Do all writers feel this way?

After I signed my contract to publish Our Hearts I was on top of the world. Then a week later I realized that I was going to have to produce. I wasn’t going to be Harper Lee and one and done this puppy. I was going to have to write more than I ever thought I would have to write. That reality has set in at my house as I begin the rewrite of the second novella Revealed.

It’s like there is this clock that is chasing me, telling me to hurry up because people may want to read another book after they read the first book. I don’t want to make them wait too long or they will forget about how much they enjoyed the first one. This is a real fear I’m trying to deal with, but I also have to remember that I don’t want to rush through my project because I want it to be good.

UGH! It’s a vicious circle.

Right now I should be locked away in the house trying to finish rewrites and polishing until I feel like it’s good enough for someone else to read. Unfortunately the real world requires that I go to work everyday, take the kids to all the things they have to go to and take care of a house. Real life is eating me alive because this is our busy time at the newspaper. It’s killing me right now that I don’t have a good solid hour to work on my novella, but this too will pass. There will be time on Saturday or Sunday to finish going through the first rewrite, which always seems to be the most brutal of the two.

Until next time, find time!


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