Excerpt Time


I am in love with angst filled love fest that has turned into my second novella. I can’t help it. I’ve been living with these characters for a little while now and I think their sad story of love and not love and love again is just something amazing. I’m not tooting my own horn, by any means. I’m still that self-doubting writer from before, but DAMN these two need to get it on so that I can have some sanity.

So here is an excerpt from my second novella in the Seer Trilogy (yeah, I went all Star Wars there) called (this is the title for now) Revealed.

“Did you see Therrin’s expression when she opened her present?” Viera asked as she finished picking up some stray streamers from the party.

“Did she like it though?” Owen asked as he tidied the common living area.

Viera turned and looked at her husband. If there was one thing that always surprised her, it was the way he acted about Therrin. Owen loved his daughter, there was no doubt, but there was also the need to please Therrin all the time. Viera couldn’t put her finger on the reason, but it bothered her sometimes.

“She was excited,” Viera finally said and finished pushing the chairs back in around the table.

Owen made a happy sound from the living area and then joined Viera in the dining room. He looked tired. Viera knew he hadn’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks, but still he didn’t want to tell her what was bothering him.

She asked him several times, but still nothing. Owen usually tried to keep things to himself when he thought they would hurt her.

“Are you remembering things?” she blurted out.


“Have you been getting memories back?”

“I don’t want to talk to you about this.”

There was silence. There had been a lot of silence lately between them. Viera sometimes missed the way it used to be when they were alone together and madly in love. Still, her life without her two children would be lonely.

“If you were, would you tell me?” she finally asked.

“My memory is coming back.”

Viera plopped into the nearest chair and sighed. They hoped his memory would return for years, but when it didn’t, Viera resolved herself to the fact that he would never remember the ten years before the accident. Unfortunately fate was cruel, as it always seemed to be, and 12 years later he was finding out just what had happened between them.

“How much?”


“What does that mean Owen? How much do you remember?”

“All of it.”

Owen’s face was grim, but she knew he was a good man and would never, ever, give up everything he fought so hard to obtain. Maybe he was staying with her out of obligation now and that was a hard pill to swallow. She didn’t want his obligation, she wanted him to give himself to her with no reservations.

“Tell me.”

“You were there Viera, you know what happened. You know the things I’ve done and you’ve done.”

Viera sighed and looked at him. He was the man she loved and without the missing memories, he never knew all the things she had done wrong and all the heartbreak she brought him.

“I have to hear it from you.”

Owen shook his head and looked at her, his blue eyes piercing into her. Behind those eyes she saw all the things he remembered and how he had been keeping it at bay for so long. This explained his inability to sleep and the distance she felt from him.

“We didn’t mean those things Owen. We were different people,” she finally said.

“Were we really?”

“I was…”

Okay, so there it is. I haven’t been through the rewrite process at all, so this is very raw, but I wanted to share. I wanted to let everyone know that I was busy working away. I love these two people so much and see so much of myself and my husband in some of the things they say to each other.

Until next time, get a notebook and write. Write until your hands hurt.


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