Admission, It All Started Here


There are things in life that start us on a path. They can be anything, a word, a song, someone’s beautiful speech, but for me, the journey to writing began when I was a child, but became rampant when I let my Star Wars fandom fly!

I probably just lost a lot of you right there, but that’s okay.

Writing for me, as a child, was a way to escape and living a life somewhere else. I used it to write down what I saw about the world around me. I didn’t have a troubled childhood, but I did lose my father at a very important age. I was 13 years old and everything in my life kind of got turned around. We moved, which I had never done, and I started living in town, when before I was a country girl. My mom was a single parent and had two living at home and one in college.

Things were different. Not bad, but different than the first 13 years of my life. I always kept a diary when I was younger and writing just expanded from there, but it wasn’t until I joined and RPG (that is role playing group) that I really started to make my craft into something better. The person who invited me to join the group was an amazing writer and I learned a lot from her. We talked frequently via email and then phone conversations. I’m lucky to say that now she is my best friend and one of my most trusted critics. I take what she says to heart because I know she has my best interests in mind and she loves me no matter how awful that last writing piece was. (and I made her read it.) 🙂

My love for the Star Wars franchise has made me a good writer. No, some of the writing in it isn’t the best, but when you can take the terrible dialogue and change it to make it strong, you learn about how people communicate with each other. You learn about vernacular and how certain characters talk. It’s a very good lesson in how things are done. I have taken every single lesson seriously. I try to write how people talk and I listen to how people talk. Here in the midwest might be different than someone who is talking in another area, but I try to write what I know.

Star Wars has always been my life. I know, I know, someone with three kids and a full time job really should get over Star Wars, but I can’t. When I was 13 years old and I didn’t have friends who understood, Luke, Leia, Han, Yoda, Obi-wan and Chewie always had time for me. They always knew how to make the wrong things right and they always knew what to say.

It’s taught me so much about redemption and spirituality. How do what is right and how terrible wrong can be if it consumes every part of you. I think those lessons were important for me from an early time.

So that’s my admission. I’m an uber Star Wars fan and I have been since 1977, but it really took hold of me in my teen years. It has also been the spring board to really get my writing going and I’m thankful for that push towards a destiny I knew would be mine.

Until next time, watch Star Wars! Or I’ll watch it for you, I don’t mind.


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