Turning Another Page


This past few weeks I’ve said goodbye to elementary school (for a few years) and hello to a whole new adventure with my middle child. Easily he breezed through graduation from sixth grade (don’t get me started, it’s ridiculous) and is facing his new school with a smile. That is what I hoped he would do and he’s proving me right. Yes, school hasn’t started yet, but in my life, I feel like we are turning a corner.

Soon (three years) my oldest will be flying the nest and my middle behind him three years later. Time will go in a blink. I will be left with my sweet little daughter and I think I still have plenty of time to cherish memories with her, but I know it too will go fast and I have to make the most of it now. She will have the amazing journey of being pretty much an only child at home for most of the time she goes through school. That is really wild to me.

My husband and I are in a different part of our relationship, knowing each other for almost 20 years (yeah, yeah he is saying 19, but it’s ALMOST 20) and we are in a different kind of love than we were before. It’s a deeper, more meaningful way to live our lives together. I appreciate the sacrifices he makes for me and my family. He’s a trooper even though sometimes I know his body hurts so much and he still goes to work for 12 hours everyday. That is something I appreciate more and more as we get older.

My career is just something I do, but writing is why I live. This weekend I finished my second novella in the series with Viera and Owen and now I can’t stop. I’m taking a break from that series to regroup and rest my characters because I don’t think Owen is talking to me anymore. So now I’m writing a new story and it’s on fire. Sometimes stories just catch fire and you can’t stop, no matter how hard you try. That is what I felt last night while I was writing. It was a fire like nothing I’ve felt in a very long time. I hope to keep the fire stoked this week and maybe finish this sucker up in a few mere weeks, when normally it takes me a couple of months. I doubt this or that and go back and rewrite too many times. (yes, I gotta let that go!)

I sit in a strange place. I don’t need things from people like I used to and I don’t fear not having a gaggle of people surrounding me at all times like I did when I was in my early 20s. I have my family and I have my best friend. She lives far away, but I know she is always there when I need to tell her how I’m going to kill somebody and she better get here quick to either hide the body or bail me out of jail. So I’m okay with the way life is changing and continues to change. I’m not one of those mothers who clings to every second because I’m fearful my children will grow up. I know my job, as a parent, is to teach them the things they need in life and let them fly (and fail) on their own.

Will there be bumps in the road? I’m sure there will be, but I’ll ride over them, just like I was riding a gravel road here around where I live. It’ll suck during them, but I will see how much I learned when I’ve finished traveling that road. I know I will make mistakes because I’m a human.

So here is to another summer where the kids are all laying around eating all my food and starting a chapter of life I want to title “Woo Hoo.”

Until next time, drink a good glass of wine, read a saucy book and just scream woo hoo as you ride on the gravel roads.


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