Part 2


Who knew the characters you already constructed, loved and saw fall in love, could be such a rowdy bunch of people. Mine are right now. They are busy giving me the what for because I’m not doing this right or that right and I’m not making them have a bad enough time.

Yep, it’s sequel time.

Actually, I’m almost done writing the sequel, but I went more prequel flashback than anything. (DARN YOU GEORGE LUCAS FOR INVENTING THE PREQUEL!!!)

My characters are being a big pain right now and living their own lives in my mind. I can’t stop them sometimes and other times, they won’t talk to me at all. UGH!!!! Why does every, single thing I write have to be like giving birth? Can’t something be easy?

Nope, it’s got to be hard to have my whole heart in it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep writing friends, we’ll get there.


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