A Step Away – What I Have Witnessed


Usually I talk about writing, but today I want to talk about something amazing to me. I have three children, two boys and a girl. In this mix of chaos that I call life, I have been given a task that I never thought I was up to as a parent. My second child, a boy, has Aspergers. If you don’t know what Aspergers is it is a high-functioning form of Autism. My son is very gifted in learning and he communicates well, meaning he is verbal. There are challenges though and I struggle with them everyday.

My son doesn’t have the social skills that most children develop through the grade school years. His are improving, but still there is always the red faced moment when he says something completely off the wall in public. Many times I find myself sputtering to make amends for the times he has asked women if they are pregnant or told them he doesn’t really like their name, but it’s okay because he has one of the most beautiful souls you could ever find.

If I could describe my son’s soul it would be caring, loving and content. He is always happy, when he isn’t in the middle of some sort of hormone induced meltdown of the early teen years. He gives out hugs and kisses genuinely and plentifully. I never have to worry about how much he loves me, his sister or his dad. His brother, well that is another story. It’s not easy to be the older brother to someone with Aspergers and my oldest child struggles with how he feels about the way his younger brother acts.

That’s okay though. There are times I struggle with it as well and I’m an adult. So I give my oldest son a little room on that one. I know when the chips are done and someone picks on my middle child, the oldest steps in, just like he should, to take care of the issue. There is love there, but it buried beneath the inability to understand why his brother has to be different.

The beauty of having a child that is different and has a struggle, outweighs anything of the embarrassment that a few stray remarks can make. I would never give up my place as an advocate and champion for my son. He is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I know he was given to me as a gift and I plan to unwrap every single layer of his wonderful soul.


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