Hey You!


Get your attention? Hope so!!!! It’s time for a little more of Our Hearts. Just enough to interest you, maybe.

So here goes nothing!

The days stretched on as the clouded sky of Ethesreld continued to pour down rain. Owen grew restless and stood outside often under the overhang of the front entrance. He watched the droplets of water fall from the gray sky above only to end in the puddle near his feet. A puddle that grew exponentially as the day went on and he lingered.

He reached out his hand letting a few drops of rain coat his fingers. The cold water trickling down towards his elbow making the sleeves of his shirt damp.

The rain felt familiar. Then the feeling was gone like the drops on his fingers and Owen grimaced at his lack of memory. He still couldn’t remember a lot of things and it was hard to come to terms with the facts.

The door behind him opened and he felt a rush of warm air buffer against his back. Viera said nothing merely sharing his silence. Owen liked that about her. She knew when he needed to talk and when words were just too much. She knew how to comfort without saying a word. The silence spoke more between them than words ever could.

Her hand gently gripped his as if to reassure him she was there and then the door clicked closed again and he was alone with the sound of the rain hitting stone and the memories he couldn’t find inside of his min


One thought on “Hey You!

  1. Love the sign! I might borrow that… đŸ˜‰ Nice setting of the scene. I’m partial to rain scenes. And rain! (Which I don’t experience that much of here!) I’ll have to go back and read the other excerpts I missed!


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