The Sound of Silence


Ah, the sound of silence. Those who have kids know you never hear it. Someone is always calling you, wanting you to get something, needing you to sign something, more, more, more! I’m not talking about actual auditory silence now though. My silence is from my novella.

I’m on the final chapter of the rewrite and it’s been a pretty good run. Owen and Viera, my main characters, are quickly falling in love although they shouldn’t. The ride has been glorious. I feel good, which is something I didn’t feel about my other project.

I feel good about where this novella is right now. When it’s complete, I will be sending it to an editor to make sure there aren’t huge glaring mistakes in grammar. I did a self-edit, but you can never really check your own work completely. It’s good to have another set of eyes look it over and check commas, spelling and grammar.

When it goes off to be with the editor, whom I’ve chosen and checked thoroughly, the silence inside will be a wonderful feeling of peace. I know if there are suggestions about other points from the editor that it’s my choice as the writer to either change it or leave it the way it is. I know it’s my baby.

I feel good about that fact.

So now it’s rather quiet in my mind. I’m thinking through the second installment of Owen and Viera’s story, but nothing concrete yet. I know the premise of where I want to start, but haven’t put the proverbial pen to paper. It will come. I’ve enjoyed writing their romance. It brings joy to me and I hope it will bring joy to others.

So until next time, fall in love, stay in love or find new love.


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