Squishy Love


Ah yes, that squishy love is just pouring from me right now. I’m romantically entangled in a story and can’t get out of it. It’s exciting. I think this will be a good novella, when I’m finished. I’ve gone through the first half and done three drafts. I think it’s ready to head out for editing.

Someone told me, you have to let go. I could add and take away a million times from the first half of Our Hearts but I’m listening to the advice they gave me. They told me to go through three times and then turn it over to the professionals. Let them make the judgements and suggestions.

I want perfection, but I’m going to have to get over it! So I’ve locked those chapters away. I went through last night and checked to make sure there was no passive voice and I’m done. I am not changing them. They are what they are and I have to be happy with that fact!

So I’m going through the second half now, making notes on paper in handwriting that is barely legible and preparing my words for professional help. I’m excited and nervous all at once.

So until this love struck author can get out of editing, here is a beautiful song about love:


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