Snippet – Snippet Real Good


Well it’s the moment no one has been waiting for, except for me. I’m in love with my characters Viera and Owen. They are the heart and soul of Our Hearts. So for the first time, I’m going to give a little excerpt of my story.

I hope you enjoy!

From Our Hearts:

Viera looked around the room she had called her own for so many years. All the knick knacks and reminders of home were removed from the apartment. The room was stark, just as her heart felt. She was walking away from a life she had always known. For once, Viera felt uncertain.

“Your ship is ready, ¬†Representative Ethesreld,” a voice said from behind her. She turned to see Owen standing in the door. He wore the uniform of her security detail and his face was clean shaven. Viera smiled as she saw the man from her youth.

“Thank you,” she said a smile gracing her face.

“What?” Owen asked stepping fully into the room. The hat from his uniform held in his hand, he looked so different.

“Finally I see the Owen of so many years ago,” she said approaching him. Her hand reached out to touch his smooth cheek and his face turned red with a blush.

“Your ship is waiting,” Owen said stumbling over his words at her touch.

“I have the perfect escort,” she said looping her arm through his. Owen blushed as he placed his hat on his head and they stepped towards their unclear future together


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