When Life Gives You Lemons…Find a New Story


Yes I’ve whined for a bit now about how my editing is going on my novel. It’s been a never ending parade of bad ideas and missed opportunities. I think I’m on the five year plan for it and have accepted this is what will be going on in my life.

But then, when I think things are the bleakest, I find new life. I feel like the leaves on my tree are budding to enjoy spring (if that is what you call this weather we are having). I am revitalized and in the throws of wanting to tell another story. It’s the curse of anyone who writes. You are working on one project when another looks so amazing.

It’s like they say “the grass is always greener.”

Right now I’ve put away Forbidden. There are many things I need to fix in it and I am willing to do the work, but I have to find the joy in writing Amira’s story again. So it’s in the proverbial desk drawer until the spark returns. It’s there until I want to fall in love with it again. I know it will always be my first and I will finish it to the point where I want it to be published, but my new story Our Hearts has captured my imagination and heart for the moment.

It’s a simple story really, man goes to war, loses memory and falls head over heals for woman who should be forbidden. Although there is a huge twist, it’s set in a different universe. It’s sci-fi all the way. It’s the telling of how love grows between two people who are pushed together because of his circumstances and her compassion. I’m falling in love just reading what it’s about. I can’t believe I’m all gooey eyed because I’m not usually a hopeless romantic. Nonetheless, here I am.

This is a novella so the word count is far more manageable for me. Maybe I was never meant to write long drawn out prose and the novella is where my talent might flourish. So I’m giving it a shot. Wish me luck of all kinds because I need it! I’ve rewritten the first two chapters three times already, but they are more polished than ever. My husband assures me I will have to stop doing that at some point. I’m not sure I can.

Until next time, fall in love because it is so worth it.


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