Over the weekend I was surprised to hear my cellphone ringing and on the other end was my brother. It’s not that I don’t talk to my brother, but he usually doesn’t call me unless it has to do with my mother or he’s coming to visit. So I was a little surprised that he had taken the time on a Friday evening to call me.

I can’t say how flattered I was that he called to run an idea by me about a book he wants to write.

Now to say that my brother doesn’t like to write, well that’s something. Of all the kids in the family, I was the one who liked to read and I loved to write from an early age. My siblings could write, but they were more science and math people. So I’m thrilled that he is considering taking this step and finding out the joys (HA HA) of trying to produce a novel.

I’m just shocked that I was the person he chose to run the story by. My mom is an English teacher. She has read everything and I would think she would be the best person to run that by, but maybe he wanted my opinion because I read (and write) the genre that he is targeting.

I”m not sure, but I love that he wanted me to know his idea. Yes, my lips are sealed.

What I hope, and this is all some crazy dream, is that we would turn into siblings who write for young adults and maybe even crossover some of our novels. That would be cool.


Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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