Whirlwind of a Weekend


I don’t know who else is like me, but you go into the weekend thinking your are going to accomplish things. Then you blink and it’s Monday all over again. These weeks just keep showing up over and over. It’s like they will never stop. They are relentless and they are taking away from me getting things done.

So I had grand plans for my weekend. I was going to accomplish some writing and I was going to finally get the house picked up (yeah, laugh along because we all know how that works). I also wanted to sort through my toddler’s clothes and donate the ones that don’t fit anymore. Did I do that? NOPE! I spent Saturday shopping for groceries to feed those people who live in my house and call me mom. I watched “Mockingjay Part I” and went to see a high school production of “Annie Get Your Gun.”

It sounds like I did a lot, but it seems like the weekend went way too fast. I didn’t get those clothes sorted. I really wanted to accomplish at least that much because they are taking over her room. She needs some places to put dollhouses and toys besides my living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Such is the life of the mother of three with a full time (and then some) job. I had planned so much for the weekend because my week is going to be FULL of meetings, stories to write and my obsession with Dungeons and Dragons. 🙂 (Yeah I play because I get to spend two hours with my middle son who sometimes seems to get swept under the rug.)

I’m lamenting the time I should have spent over the weekend making things happen.

So today is a new Monday and I have already spent way too much of it getting stories and finding information. I’ve posted to websites and secured all the obituaries for today. All I want to do is go home and get those clothes sorted.

I could take a vacation day for that, right?

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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