Love Letters to My Childhood


I may not have been alive when Star Trek aired on television originally, but I am of the generation who lived on the reruns. I found the characters to be mesmerizing and my love of science fiction was heightened with every episode. Even though I could quote many of the episodes from memory, I always felt a kinship with the crew of the Enterprise. They were friends I welcomed daily into my life.

With the passing of Leonard Nimoy, I feel the small connections with my childhood slipping from my fingers. Star Trek movies were something we always did as a family. I have seen every single Star Trek movie in the theater. First, with my family and now with my husband. I haven’t missed seeing one on the big screen. In the case of Wrath of Kahn, I’ve seen that one several times on the big screen. My family must have really liked that one.

I have enjoyed the adventures of Captain Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew throughout my life. My mom still tells a really funny story about coming to visit me in college for parents weekend and all I wanted to do was go to the movies and see Generations. Not something every college kid would want to do, but I am not like every other person. I am me.

I did not know Mr. Nimoy, nor did I ever meet him, except when he came to my house through the television. I believe he knew what he meant to so many people and humbly took the praise of so many. I believe he thought Spock was a special part for him and treated the character with respect and dignity.

As these famous people pass from our lives, I often find myself thinking about what they meant to me. What did Spock mean to me? Well he knew about science and he also was very stoic. I’m not good at math and sometimes my emotional state takes over, so I’m nothing like Spock, but that is okay. He showed us what it was like to be truly human, even if he was only half. He showed us that friendship can make us do the impossible. He was always there and now he’s not.

I will miss Leonard Nimoy, even though I don’t know him personally. I will miss what he represents and his willingness to poke fun at himself through guest appearances on various shows. I will miss the part of my childhood he represents, even if he didn’t know he meant that to me.

Live Long and Prosper Mr. Nimoy. You have given us dreams and showed us what it means to be human. I hope you rise among the stars and are welcomed by those who have gone before you.


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