Working For the Weekend


I’m so excited that the weekend is right around the corner. I need a break. Just a break from the constant things that happen during my week. The constant moving of kids from here to there and back again. I just need to sit in my chair, cover up with a blanket and read a good book. Yeah I have a toddler, so that is a pipe dream, but a girl can dream right?

My novel is kicking me while I’m down over these past few weeks. The writing of the actual novel’s first draft seemed like such a breeze. I just put one word after the other and BAM it was a novel. It was an AWFUL novel. Hence all the work I’ve had to undertake in the months following finishing the first draft.

I’m not whining. I have done what others are still talking about. Someone, somewhere, is still thinking they should sit down and write a book. I’ve done that part, it’s making it pretty and readable that brings the dread thundering back into my mind. It also stops me in my tracks because it feels like such a huge undertaking.

Being a journalist for so long, my descriptive writing process is rusty. When I was younger, I loved to write descriptive tales of the world around me. Journalism knocks that right out of you. Stick to the facts. Get in and out and be done. Yes, those are the mottoes I’ve lived by for almost 20 years. So I’m having to get out the oil can and unlock some of the rust from my ability to write a description. Those words seem so unnecessary to me now. I have to learn to like them again and know when I’ve gone too far.

It’s going to be a rough road. I’m putting on my seat belt though so I can stand all the bumps along the way.

Thankfully, I’m almost halfway through my rewrite. I’ve changed POV and I’m chopping about half of the words from each scene. They are tighter and more to the point. They are exactly what they need to be, but I’m still scared.

In the end, this will be an amazing work. It will be something I’ve longed for my whole life. It will be an accomplishment. And when I’m sitting at the table for my first book signing and there is a small line waiting for me to sign their copy, I won’t remember the pain of giving birth to something so beautiful.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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