Sickness – You Devil


Last week was the bleakest in all the land of make believe, well at least inside my mind. I have been sick. No, not just sick…waiting for death to come for me.

Yeah, I was that sick. Temperature for four days straight. I couldn’t swallow and I just wanted it all to be over. So needless to say, I got nothing done on my novel even though it needs tons of love and attention. I’ve decided this is a marathon, not a race.

Okay, that’s not true….I have gotten my mother, the English teacher, to starting reading my re-write. I was afraid at first because she can be harsh, but nobody else was taking the time to look it over and I was getting desperate. In fact, she said she liked it and would be willing to read more. I’m going to let her because it’s the best news I’ve gotten so far. 🙂

Sickness was trying to get me down, but as Bender from Futurama always says “I’m back baby!” I’m on the downward slope and will probably have some wonderfully insightful things to say in my next blog post. Or I’ll just ramble like I always do.

If you want another excerpt of the rewritten Forbidden: Amira’s Journey comment and I’ll see what I can come up with as a surprise!

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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