Discovering Why


Look at that fancy lady up there writing away on something. Maybe it’s a novel, maybe it’s correspondence, who knows! She’s getting it done.

Getting it done…I like that idea. It sounds so finished. Like there is an end to the endless and countless hours of work. Finished. That’s a good word too.

So I’ve started looking at why I’m writing the story I’m writing. It’s that part of the week where I become far too analytical for anyone’s good and look at the reasons behind everything. Why do I love Star Wars? Why do I love reading? Why do I torture myself hours on end with edits and rewrites? Why? Why? Why?

Amira’s story is simple. It’s a journey. It’s my commentary on oppression.

What do I know about oppression (white girl, middle class, Midwestern)? Not a lot. It’s merely taken from experiences I’ve had along my way through life. The constant nagging feeling that there should be more in life. I’ve given Amira that trait because everyone should question authority. You don’t have to rebel against it, but you should be able to get an answer for why something is done. What is the motivation?

This probably comes from my years of covering government meetings. I always want to know why they are spending taxpayer money and why they are purchasing the items they think are so essential. If you don’t question authority and hold it accountable, things can go wrong. Often they do.

So I’ve made Amira into someone who questions what others take without question. They follow the law, they do what they are told and like it. Amira wants to know why? And who are these people?

Okay, I’m done analyzing…for now.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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