POV: Where Mine Went Wrong


I don’t know if other writers struggle with point of view like I do, but I now find myself in a place where I believe my entire novel will have to be changed. The point of view I originally wrote it in, is not my strongest. This revelation happened on Saturday. I’ve been mourning it ever since, but I know it has to be changed. It has to be made the strongest I can make it before I send it out into the world to be read by others.

I’ve always believed first person is the hardest point of view to write in. You have to be experienced with passive voice and unreliable narrators. There has to be some courage on the part of the writer. I believe for short stories, I can do it. I don’t seem to have a problem with short bursts, but for the length of my novel, I just can’t do it.

After some serious discussions with my husband, I have realized the point of view is something I have to address now. I have to get it done before I let this project go any further.

So to what point of view will I be moving? My husband read several of my fanfics I’ve written for Star Wars and after some more discussion, I’ve decided to go to third person limited. Yeah I had to look up in my Writer’s Inc. book exactly what third person limited entailed, but I did the research. So I’m starting with a portion of the novel I believe to be clunky and just not something I wanted to keep. My husband believes if I can rewrite this portion and make it better, then I will know for certain if third person limited is for me.

UGH!!! This seems to be a monumental task, but I know I will be able to accomplish it. Maybe I will find a better way to tell Amira’s story. I know I will keep the first person version as well to maybe use as journal entries for another book in the series, so it won’t be completely abandoned. Hopefully this rewrite, if proven to be the correct way to go, will only take me through the end of February. I’m putting a goal out there for myself and I’m going to try to stick to it.

I’m learning a lot about what writer’s go through on their way to polishing and finishing a novel. I now know the hard work and effort this takes. It really is a full time job.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!

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