Snow. Snow. Snow.


Okay, here comes the “I hate winter” post. Although these past couple of days we really haven’t had that much of a significant snow, I still hate winter. My husband, a northerner, doesn’t really mind all this snow. It snows six inches and he is not even worried. That is probably part of the reason I married him. I don’t care to drive in snow and he’s pretty good at it because he lived most of his life in the north.

Instead of going to work, which I had to do today, I would have much rather stayed inside and worked on rewriting my novel, but there are things I still have to do to pay the bills (for now). So I went off with a frown and dropped my youngest at daycare while my husband took the kids to school because they had a delay. Now my job requires I travel quite a bit to go to meetings or interviews. I can say for sure, as I’ve gotten older, I find these risks of traveling in the winter to not be worth it.

When I was younger I would’ve killed myself to get to something, but I find people are in general more forgiving during the winter, especially when the snow is blowing and continues to fall from the sky. Everyone knows they don’t want to go out in this stuff. Now it’s just a wait and watch kind of day when I try to figure out how it is 45 minutes north of here and if I want to risk heading that way at 7 a.m. tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t be better, but I might have to wing it. If it gets too bad while I’m traveling, I will turn around and go right back home.

So everyone snuggle up and have a good day.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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