I Don’t Want to Please You


This week my professional career has had some dings. I’m not going to lie, I try to please people with the work I do, but some people are assholes. I said it. There are some people despite every single effort you make to please them, hang onto something that happened almost two years ago and act as though they are high and mighty.

I have news for them. You don’t matter. I don’t care why you think you were slighted by me, but you can take a flying leap. (That’s the clean version of what I think). Personally I think these people who have chips on their shoulders are too busy coveting what others have to be able to look and see what they have right in their own back yard.

I admit, I write for a living, so it’s a real pain in my ass when people think they are the most important thing in the world. They don’t understand the difference between news and gossip. I don’t work at a tabloid, I work at a newspaper. The key word here is news. I can’t just put in whatever gossip they believe about the person living next door to them. There has to be a real solid trail of evidence for me to follow.

People don’t like hearing this because it stops their attempts to make others look bad. So in the end, I have to tell them to basically fuck off. I’m not going to spend my precious time finding out if Mary Jane is sleeping with someone’s husband. Just because that is the way it was in the past, doesn’t mean that is the way we run things now.

So I’m finding the balance between doing a great job and pleasing all the idiots who roam the area. I guess I’ll just have to keep casting pearls before swine.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!

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