Stab In the Face

Recently I had someone stab me right in the heart, or face. I was letting people read my manuscript and I was told I shouldn’t start it out as I had planned and written.

OH NO!!! Here comes all the doubt which is constantly residing in the back of my mind. I will never be good enough or write well enough. I will always be a failure. That’s what it always says to me and sometimes I listen. Okay I usually listen.

I listened for many years as I was told publishing was not something to get into because it’s like being a rock star and very few people are rock stars. I have always been told I will never be good enough to get to where I’ve always dreamed of going. I always wanted to write a novel and I always wanted to share my joy of writing and reading with others.

This past year though I decided to tell all those people to piss off. I was going to be what I always thought I could be, a writer.

So I’m regrouping right now, deciding if maybe the reason I was hurt so terribly by this admission was because I think I need to rewrite, or maybe I’m not cut out for the publishing business. We’ll see what comes out of this bump in the road. I don’t want to be yet another author who puts their manuscript away and it’s forgotten. I want Amira’s voice to be heard loud and clear.

Until next time remember, The Community is watching!


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