Welcome to The Community

I want to talk about my novel a bit in this post because the whole reason I decided to bore you all with my blog is to write about my novel.

Forbidden: Amira’s Journey (The Community book 1) is the first in a series of books which deal with a dystopian society where males and females are kept separate until they are 17 years old. Males are merely civil servants, or always under the direct supervision of women. They hold no real power. They harvest food, build homes and buildings, and keep facilities running through out the complex where The Community resides.

So what is The Community? The Community is a female based governmental society. The leader, The Governess, and The Council of Five make up the government structure. Also in the mix is the religious order The All Knowing. The All Knowing are responsible for rearing of all children, choosing genetic characteristics to pass on to the next generation and population control. They are followers of the All Knowing Mother, a female goddess who sits upon her throne of purity and judges those in the after life. She holds the shield of justice and the staff of peace in her hands as she rules.

The Community Rules:

1. Arms Length Is Close Enough – touching and sexual relationships between same genders and opposite genders are forbidden. The All Knowing control a female’s reproductive life and she is not allowed to mate outside of the prescribed laws of The Community.

2. All Females Must Produce One Child – females in The Community are inseminated with sperm chosen by The All Knowing after they turn 17. A whole group of males are kept as breeding stock, chosen for their genetic material and the characteristics which The Community wants to pass on to the next generation. Females only have one child so the balance of the complex is never in jeopardy from over population. This controls famine and over use of resources, which had been a problem in the past.

3. Females Are In Charge – it’s a pretty simple concept. Males warred too often and caused the destruction of society in the past. Females make sure they are kept in their place, no questions asked. There is no room for deviation from this concept.

Sound interesting? Well I hope so. Come back in a couple of days and I will be posting an excerpt from my novel for you to read.

Until then, The Community is watching!


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